Remember Cracker Jacks?

Caramel Corn-ShutterstockNot long ago a friend and I were reminiscing about our childhood when she remembered how we would buy Cracker Jacks® and hurry to empty the whole box out to get the prize before we would eat the caramel corn.  Then, we would sit down and savor each sweet-and-salty morsel of the caramel.  It was so good!

The memory of eating Cracker Jacks® was so good that it sent me to my kitchen in search of a recipe that I could quickly make up for caramel corn and before long I was munching on some sweet goodness of my own making.  While you can still buy Cracker Jacks® today, you can also easily make a batch of caramel corn right in your own kitchen with just a few basic ingredients.  The advantage?  You can control the quality of ingredients, get a caramel corn that tastes just as good,  if not better, and you don’t have to leave home or open your wallet to do it.

If you have a craving for a warm, buttery, sweet-and-salty snack you should download this newest cookbook from Amazon right now!  Chances are you have everything you need in your kitchen right now and, literally, within the hour you can be popping some of this goodness into your mouth!

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