Why We Love Christmas Carols

Christmas Carols-freedigitalphotosChristmas carols and our favorite holiday songs are showing up the moment the holiday season begins and stick around sometimes a bit longer than we would like.  But, imagine a Christmas without them?  It would be way too quiet and perhaps even lonely for some.

But why do we have this love affair with Christmas carols and holiday songs?  Perhaps someone figured out that if they belted out the lyrics long enough and loud enough that the holiday blah’s would go away?  Or it is just an acceptable time of the year for adults to behave a bit silly and child-like?  Or maybe it is just part of celebrating the season?  But, if you are like me, what DO you do when the doorbell rings and there is a boisterous group of carolers on your front porch?  Do you call the cops or offer them a snack or hot cocoa?

Christmas music, whether everyone likes it or not, is part of our worldwide culture.  We listen to it because we want to.  It lifts our mood and, for a few brief moments, we can leave the worries of the world aside in order to belt out the words to “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

So, for this holiday season, take some time to enjoy your favorite tune.  Sing it out loud, with confidence, and with the intent to drive the blues away, forever!  I’m getting ready to go blast the Halleljuah Chorus out myself …

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