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Cover-Caramel-300x400Do you have a love affair with caramels?  So many of us do and this newest cookbook from J. R. Goode is going to make your mouth water!  There are recipes for soft and chewy caramel candies, caramel sauces, popcorn and other desserts.  And, just when you think you have enough, J. R. shows you how to pump up the flavors by adding chocolate, almonds, peanuts, coconut, maple syrup and the list just goes on and on.  With this cookbook you could make a new flavor of something caramel every day!  Click here to rush over to Amazon and immediately download your copy today!


Do you want to be the envy of your family or neighborhood?  Or, perhaps just the rock star of your own kitchen?  J. R. Goode has published a cookbook on cranberries that you must have!  Why cranberries?  That is an excellent question.  J.R. has always loved cranberries and it just wasn’t the holidays without them.  But, did you also know that cranberries are a superfood and very healthy for you?  So, in this cookbook, Cranberries: Delicious, Mouth-Watering Recipes for Every Day you will find classic recipes as well as a number of very healthy dishes with this beautiful fruit.  There is also a section on sugar substitutes if you are concerned about reducing fats and sugars in your diet.  There are over 80 recipes including beverages, appetizers, sauces, relishes, salads, side dishes, breads and desserts.  Purchase your copy of Cranberries: Delicious, Mouth-Watering Recipes for Every Day on Amazon today!

About the Author

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J. R. Goode loves cookbooks and trying new recipes!  She remembers growing up and watching her mother can, make jams and jellies, homemade bread, stews and soups.  Sometimes she swears she can still smell and taste all the wonderful dishes that she enjoyed as a child!

JR is working on several cookbooks that will be available on Amazon Kindle in 2013.  As the books are published we will make them available to you.

If you have suggestions or comments for JR please feel free to send her an email.