Doodlebug Noodlebug Children’s Book

doodlebug-noodlebugDoodlebug Noodlebug is a new children’s book (ages 1-8) recently launched on Amazon Kindle!  This simple, whimsical book is filled with brightly-colored illustrations of animals and silly rhymes.  As Doodlebug Noodlebug heads out on his adventure he finds he has many friends along the way.

In an age where our children are constantly being compared to others and our society and culture influences them to think they must conform, this book is a refreshing and positive affirmation that we are all uniquely different and special.

This is author Jamie Plum’s first book and with illustrations by Cherish Dior Harlan it is a hit!  Clearly the author has captured the attention of the child through this story and we cannot wait to see what other titles she will be publishing soon.  There are free printable worksheets available too for download and to use with your child to enhance the learning experience.

Grab a copy of this book and snuggle up with your little one to enjoy the adventure of Doodlebug Noodlebug!

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